sunset in Seattle

On the job hunt back in 2010 in #Seattle. It took me 45 days to get a job on a fishing boat in the Bering Sea. With my help, there is a high probability, it will take less. #sunset #sea #tree #boat #selfie #face #seattle

You will find all the necessary information regarding the work of fishermen in Alaska here. E.g. next to the Bering Sea, you can also work in Bristol Bay or Gulf of Alaska, fishing for salmon, herring fish and crabs. There is so much information that some of it might be a waste of time for you – time I’m trying to save you through this website. For example their list of companies back in 2010 was extensive, but also included companies that did not exist anymore. I have visited each Seattle company on the list = I have wasted a lot of time = I was running out of money while job hunting. Some of the listed companies had a bad reputation among fishermen and representatives of other companies, no warning there either.

The good:

  • Their list and website content led me to the company I ended up with.
  • Their list consisted of companies located outside Seattle (in Alaska – Kodiak, Anchorage, Sitka, Dutch Harbor etc.) and different States. Do they really exist? Search for their website before you visit them.
  • Best source of information on how to get a job directly in Alaska. Many job opportunities were listed.
  • AJF is not just about fishing but also includes information about many other jobs you can do in Alaska.

The bad:

  • Outdated list of fishing companies.
  • I was very lucky to get a job with a good fishing company.
  • Seattle fishing companies are covered by for free.

Investing in AJF membership is a good call in the case that:

sunset in Seattle

Picture I took when I was looking for work on a fishing boat in #Seattle back in 2010. #boat #sunset #sea #sunrise

You have the money to fly all the way to Alaska before getting the job (relates closely to the following points):

  • You want to know more about Bristol Bay and Gulf of Alaska fishing.
  • You are interested in seasonal salmon, crab and herring fishing – you want to get a deckhand job on a smaller boat owned by its captain.
  • You are looking for a job in Alaska not necessarily in the fishing industry.
  • You don’t want to miss any job opportunities available at


Alaska Job Finder is a great source of information, if you want to travel directly to Alaska and get a job in one of its seaside towns. However, I believe Seattle fishing companies are covered by and there is not a better source of information about hiring, than the companies’ own websites which are listed on – for free.