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The cabin where I slept was about 4 meters x 3 meters, enough space for four people. Baggage was placed into a space inside the bed; every bed/bunk had its own curtain, plug and light. There was a hot shower at our disposal. Laundry was washed by the housekeeper once a week on laundry day.

Fishing crew

Get their attention by working hard, not by being friendly.Daniel H.

People from all around the world work here. Samoa, Mexico, Vietnam, Laos, Salvador, Guatemala, USA, New Zealand, Micronesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Mali, Ethiopia among others. Muslims, Christians, atheists, veterans, ex-convicts, etc. Me and one Polish guy were the only people from Europe there.

make it easier on yourself

#Latinos hanging out with Latinos, islanders with islanders, whites with whites, blacks with blacks, yellows with yellows. During my time on a #fishingboat I was called: #MadRussian because #Ipushhard, I don’t care about myself and I’m from Europe, #Soviet because I eat my bacon raw, Birdy cause I was curiously looking at everything the first time I came and finally #Spiderman because I felt from 20 feet on my back and nothing happened to me – and because I’m wearing glasses. Welcome in #prison 😀 #BeringSea #fishing #Alaska #canteen #inmates #crew

As you can see there’s quite a variety of people, they all have some things in common. They are all men that aren’t afraid to say anything straight up, and that don’t talk when there’s work to do. Get their attention by working hard, not by being friendly. If you’re sore, or sick, they don’t feel sorry for you. If you don’t feel up for the work and want to talk about it, keep it to yourself. Just work harder than everyone else, and then you’ll earn respect and the money that comes with it.

Unfortunately, even in our crew one could find overly-friendly people who sympathize with you when you have a hard time being sick or hurt (because in reality they feel sorry for themselves). They like to talk about it. I recommend you avoid these, because the moment you hurt their feelings, they become the exact opposite of an empathic and friendly individual.