How to get a job on a fishing boat – faster

Filling out job applications

It is possible or even likely that the application will be enough on its own. In the end it is your proactivity in Seattle that countsDaniel H.

Filling out application forms can take much of your very valuable time in Seattle. When asked for address, give them preferably a Seattle location (be it a hostel, hotel or any other US address). They will not be sending you anything to that address, but if you give other than a US one, I highly doubt that you will even be considered as a candidate. It is also good to get references from your past employers. A cover letter and resume are not necessary but you can add them to the completed application just to be sure. It is possible or even likely that the application will be enough on its own. In the end it is your proactivity in Seattle that counts; many of the ship workers have one common reference – ex convict. In a way this makes them suitable for this job. Some companies don’t hire ex-convicts though.

Not eligible to work in US yet?

Print everything (resume, cover letter, references…) out before departure at least twenty times, and place it in your main luggage. I red in a few blogs that having a resume in your hand luggage can cause problems if it is found when entering US. Filled out applications can be saved online e.g. email/internet cloud, and then they can be printed out in the US. However I’ve been told by an embassy employee that if you are travelling on B-visa this should not be a problem.

Buy a phone with GPS

on the job hunt in Seattle

#Seattle – on the job hunt. Many things to see when on foot. #underground #bridge #street #architecture #urban #geometry

Save the addresses of the recommended fishing companies and your chosen accommodation into the navigation system. My guide was a so-so Nokia 5800, which helped me “find” my job. Nokia maps (now called Here Maps) works well and it is free as it works offline. Any phone with Google maps (iOS, WP Blackberry or Android) is a great option, as this will also ease public transport, you can access both maps of the different transport systems and updated individual timetables. You will however need an internet connection for it to work, and that costs money. Without data plan I had to find these in the evenings with the hostel’s WI-FI – not a big deal. Be sure to have your phone charged as intense using of GPS will quickly deplete your battery.

Keep at it!

It is not about luck. Some get an interview right away, for others it takes longer. Keep calling and visiting until you get onto that fishing boat. Should you run out of money, give out a few resumes and application forms to handy fast food restaurants, or whatever job you find suitable for yourself (you can even do this on arrival). Adapt. It is worth reaching your goal.