The cheapest accommodation options in Seattle are:

City Hostel Seattle

City #Hostel #Seattle, my home before I got a job on a fishing boat. The owner use to be a commercial fisherman on a freezer longliner in the Bering Sea. When I ran out of money, he offered me to work in the hostel, I didn’t ask him! – three weeks later I was on a flight to Dutch Harbor. Say hello to Kindel Lee for me will ya? 🙂 #CityHostelSeattle #building #street #urban

  1. Living with friends/acquaintances if you have any over there.
  2. I don’t have any experience with couch surfing but some of my friends speak highly of it. It consists of people from all around the world offering free accommodation under certain conditions.
  3. If you don’t know anyone living in Seattle and do not feel comfortable crashing at a stranger’s house; hostels are the cheapest option for you. The price is around $30 a night including breakfast. However these are not private rooms! The only hostel I can recommend is City Hostel Seattle. It was very clean. They are now also located in Freemont; further from the airport and down town, but nearby Fisherman’s Terminal, where some of the fishing companies are located. I also stayed in Green Tortoise, but I did not find that as satisfactory as City Hostel Seattle. Breakfast was free in all hostels. They also offer work-trade, where you can work for your accommodation (and breakfast). I worked as a night-time receptionist 20 hours a week but I was quite lucky to get it and I don’t recommend relying on it.
  4. or similar sites would be my last option when searching for accommodation as hotels are more expensive. After finishing my contract I stayed in Days Inn hotel located by the airport; their private rooms are cheaper than the ones in the hostels located down town. I paid around $60 for a private room with breakfast.