…if you cannot make an appearance in her office, the prospects of getting a job are non-existent.human resources

If you live outside US, I can nearly guarantee that you will not get a job by sending out emails to the firms listed on this website. I honestly did what I could for about a month straight; I filled out online application forms, sent out emails, wrote the “best” resume and I got great references. It was all a waste of time. The lady that hired me told me that she receives emails from European applicants all the time. She then stressed that if you cannot make an appearance in her office, the prospects of getting a job are non-existent, as there are many others that do. Good employers want to know who works for them and therefore they will want to see you, face to face. Taking into account all the current bureaucratic red tape it is near impossible for European citizens to get a job through an agent.

The only time sending an email is of any use to you, is if you are seeking information e.g. regarding recruitment season, and when is the best time to come over.


My name is John Doe and I want to work for your company as a crew member on the fishing boat. What is the best time to apply?

Thank You for your time,

Warm Regards from Europe
John Doe

This is just an example of an email that could help you make your first contact with a potential employer. Generally, I think writing any more than that will only lessen the odds that you’ll get a response. Remember, the best way to show your interest is to make an appearance in the first place. You can attach your CV or resume, but I would not mention them. Key information at this stage is BEST TIME TO APPLY!

sunset in Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

Photo I took on the job hunt in #Seattle #olympicsculpturepark #sculpture #abstract #architecture #sunset #art #sky #colors #sea

Not knowing almost made me homeless!

It took me a month and a half to find a job. This was partially because the time I arrived (beginning of February) was not very suitable for this purpose. Most fisherman have either just started their first trip or they were through the first third of their contract at that time. The season begins in January, and the contracts are drawn up for the period of about three months. I was hired half way through March and due to this delay nearly lost all my savings.